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A.CE is a London based artist. He has been an active part of the UK street art scene for over 10 years.

In that time his wheat-pasted images, have featured prominently across the urban landscape.

Born in London in 1980, A.CE’s works are an outlet for the various influences that have inspired him throughout his life, drawing richly from his time as a skateboarder in the 80’s and 90’s, and the bold graphics he encountered.

Inspired by Dada collage, classic pop art and graphic design, his work is an extension of the graffiti he started doing back in the 90’s and despite the move away from those conventional graffiti references, he is still driven by the fundamental aim of the writer to ‘get up’ and make his mark.

A.CE’s work presents nostalgic imagery intuitively selected, blended and remixed with contemporary logos and cartoon fragments. The resulting ambiguities and incongruities reflect the absurdities of popular culture and our consumer driven society.

The streets and architecture surrounding him, once viewed as an open skate park, are now interpreted as a potential exhibition space, offering A.CE a way to interact with the city in which he thrives.

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